someone has probably drew this before
it’s been a long time since i drawn raffles. how do i victorian clothes.
a sidebar gif i made for my other blog. merry christmas to all of you
draw mokie

u already asked me that.

shotas are my specialty
i tried doing parentlock… yeah.
o god o god i’ve been gone in about 2 or maybe 3 months??????? yeah those months are my busy ones. and christmas break is approaching WOOHOO. now time to be a useless piece of crap all day and draw gay stuff.
kid john plays doctor with teen sherlock (being his babysitter) <3<3<3




aaaand i drew my headcanon bunny too so raffles won’t be so lonely. oh god i accidentally made him look like a shota forgive me but he’s so adorbs *hides away*

Bunny is totally a shota though, I think most of us agree on this

'most of us agree' what the hell are you talking about Hellman, we all know Bunny is a canon shota. Is it my turn to cite the quotes and stuff? IDK well we've got how he can't grow a moustache to save his life; he fits into and looks reasonable in the clothes of a kid who you yourself pointed out was something like twelve; he looks literally too innocent to be a criminal; his face is soft-featured enough to pass for cis female without much effort (think of the pubescent and pre-pubescent actors playing lady parts in cultures where men played all the parts); and he's always getting picked up and carried around as if it's nothing at all. he's a canon shota and it's very cute and sweet

This is my favourite mini-rant in the entire world. I apologise for saying most of us agree, what I should have said was obviously “Everyone agrees on this including Hornung”. (Though I don’t think I ever said the kid in question was about 12, but he was described as a “stripling”) Oh Bunny.

omg bunny is a canon shota. i have seen the light. now i have more excuse to draw uke bunny